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Dr. Aretha Wilson is the President and Founder of the Kingdom Life Bible Institute, established in August 2001.   She is an educator, author, and mentor who works interminably to benefit the lives of others spiritually, economically, and professionally.  Dr. Wilson employs her life experiences and wisdom to create road maps leading others to success. Throughout the course of Dr. Wilson's career, her desire has been and is to please God and to impact the lives of individuals from all walks of life for the better. Her belief is that people of all ages, races, nationalities, and economic status that yearn for advanced knowledge and training in biblical studies and the development of ministry skills should be afforded the opportunity.


Dr. Aretha Wilson was educated at St. John’s University, Adelphi University, and United Christian College where she earned a Doctorate of Sacred Theology. She has also been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for her theological pursuits and community betterment.  Dr. Wilson is the Presiding Prelate of R.A.W. International Covenant Alliance of Churches and Ministries, Overseer of Kingdom Ambassadors Global Ministries, and the New England Provincial Bishop of Global United Fellowship. For over 20 years she has taught on the collegiate level in Christian education. Dr. Wilson's unending pursuit is to offer Christian education and training within reach to all.


  • GLJ Achievers Program (recognized by the New York State Department of Education for Alternative Special Education programming)


  • New York Daily News Service Award, Bringing Restoration and Empowerment to the Community


  • Challengers Award


  • Town of Hempstead Recognition Award

  • Congressional Achievement Award, Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community


  • First Woman Provincial Bishop of the Global United Fellowship


  • New England Provincial Bishop of the Global United Fellowship


  • Clergy United to Save and Heal

       (Served as 2nd Vice Chairman)

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