Financial Policies

Financial Aid

KLBI does not currently participate in any Government Student Aid / Financing of tuition. However, KLBI assures financial assistance to all students. There are no promissory notes, no interest, and no over demanding schedules. Your academic and financial requirements should be kept up to the required standard. All academic and financial requirements must be satisfactorily completed before grade reports, degrees or transcripts are issued. Please Note: KLBI requires all remittance to be paid by check or money order, made payable to KLBI. You may also pay by credit card. No third-party checks are accepted. No transcript, diploma, certifications, grade reports, or other student records will be issued unless the student's financial requirements are met.

Tuition Refund Policy

Any student wishing to withdraw from a course must make a request in writing, during the first two weeks after their registration. The tuition refund only applies to tuition paid in full. Tuition will be refunded according to the policy below: A. Within 15 days from the date of enrollment, 80% refund. B. After 15 days from the date of enrollment, no refund. The withdrawal date is the date the written notification is received by KLBI. This date will be used in calculating the amount of tuition to be refunded.

Returned Checks/Declined Credit Card Payments

A student will be charged $20.00 for each check returned due to insufficient funds. A student will be charged three percent (3%) of the amount of the declined transaction.